On the 6th and 7th of April, despite appalling weather, Team IAS assembled in the University of Wollongong Discovery Space to participate in this year’s cooking workshop. The sessions were specifically designed to cater to our athletes and their active and mobile lifestyles, focusing on fueling the body and putting together easy meals that can be made around, and transported to, competitions or games.

Kate walked the athletes through four different recipes, covering main meals and snacks, and including sweet and savoury options. She took time to break down the nutrient content of each recipe and explain how each ingredient contributes to providing the body with the fuel it needs.

The workshop was an awesome opportunity for athletes to expand their understanding of nutrition; knowledge essential in improving athletic performance and taking the next steps towards the elite sporting space. This and other educational initiatives form a core component of the IAS scholarship, aiming not only to develop athletes’ sporting prowess, but also to encourage holistic development by instilling healthy lifelong habits.

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