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The Illawarra has a rich history in developing and elevating athletes to higher representative honours.

The IAS has produced 21 Olympians/Paralympians, 20 Commonwealth Games Representatives, 11 World Champions and 75 Senior National Team Representatives over the past three decades.

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IAS International Representatives

SportAthleteAchievementIAS Year
AthleticsSarah Carli2020 Olympic Games, World Championships2010-2012
AthleticsJye Edwards2020 Olympic Games2011
AthleticsRyan Gregson2012 & 2016 Olympic Games and 2014 Commonwealth Games2005
AthleticsMadeline Heiner2016 Olympic Games and 2014 Commonwealth Games2005
AWDSiobhan PatonWorld Champion and 2000 Paralympics  Gold Medalist1998
AWDMegan Newell2011 Special Olympic Gold Medalist2004
AWDJessica Smith2004 Paralympic Games2003
AWDBrett StibnersWorld Champion and 2008, 2016 & 2020 Paralympic Games, 2008 Paralympic Gold Medalist1996
AWDSam HardakerAustralian Disability Swim Team2001
AWDJacqueline CharlesworthAustralian Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team1999
CanoeDavid Smith2012 Olympic Games Gold Medalist2001
CricketBrett Lee2003 Cricket World Cup1990
CricketShane Lee1999 Cricket World Cup1989
CricketPhil JaquesAustralian Test Cricket Team1993
CricketNic MaddinsonAustralian Test Team & Australian T20 Cricket Team2007
CricketTrent JohnstonIreland Cricket Team1988
CricketAdam ZampaAustralian Cricket ODI & T20 Team2007
CyclingRochelle GilmoreWorld Champion and Commonwealth Gold Medalist1996
CyclingBen Kersten2006 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist1995
CyclingJosh Kersten1998 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist1994
CyclingJames WilliamsonMTB 24 hour Solo World Championships Gold Medalist2002
CyclingCaleb Ewan2014 Commonwealth Games2010
CyclingAmiel CavalierAustralian MTB Team2003
CyclingJosh WallAustralian Cycling Team2001
CyclingScott LawAustralian Cycling Team2008
HockeyKieran GoversWorld Champion, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2014 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist2000
HockeyTristan White2014 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist2005
HockeyBlake Govers2016 & 2020 Olympic Games2012
HockeyGrace Stewart2016 & 2020 Olympic Games2014
HockeyMelissa Simpson2007 Indoor Hockey World Cup2002
HockeyEmma Cobbin (MacLeish)2011 Indoor Hockey World Cup2004
HockeyKurt Ogilvie2011 Indoor Hockey World Cup2000
HockeyLyndal Ogilvie2011 Indoor Hockey World Cup2001
HockeyKylie SmithAustralian Indoor Hockey Team1999
HockeyStephen MadgeAustralian Kookaburras2000
HockeyFlynn OgilvieAustralian Indoor Hockey Team, 2020 Olympic Games2007
HockeySimon BeatonAustralian Indoor Hockey Team2000
HockeyKylie SmithAustralian Indoor Hockey Team1999
HockeyKyah GrayAustralian Indoor Hockey Team2009
KayakingZoe Uphill (Lynam)2008 Olympic Games1999
Lawn BowlsKaren MurphyWorld Champion and Commonwealth Games Gold Meadlist1990
Lawn BowlsLeif SelbyWorld Champion and 2010 Commonwealth Games Silver Meadlist1990
Lawn BowlsBret DuprezWorld Champion and 1998 Commonwealth Games Gold Meadlist1990
Lawn BowlsSarah BoddingtonAustralian Women's Team2008
NetballMarni HansellAustralian Netball Team1996
NetballSarah BarrettAustralian Netball Team1996
Rugby LeagueJosh Morris2013 Rugby League World Cup Winner2001
Rugby LeagueBrett Stewart2008 Rugby League World Cup1999
Rugby LeagueKane Linnett2013 Rugby League World Cup2005
Rugby LeagueKeith Lulia2013 Rugby League World Cup2002
Rugby LeagueCraig Fitzgibbon2008 Rugby League World Cup1994
Rugby LeagueKeeley DavisAustralian Jillaroos2016
Rugby LeagueRikeya HorneAustralian Jillaroos2016
Rugby LeagueLuke BaileyAustralian Kangaroos1995
Rugby LeagueShaun TimminsAustralian Kangaroos1993
Rugby LeagueJohn SimonAustralian Kangaroos1990
Rugby LeagueBen HornbyAustralian Kangaroos1995
Rugby LeagueLuke O’DonnellAustralian Kangaroos1996
Rugby LeagueDamien CookAustralian Kangaroos2006
Rugby LeagueTyson FrizellAustralian Kangaroos2007
Rugby UnionMartin SchliebsAustralian Rugby 7's Team1998
Rugby UnionPaul AsquithAustralian Rugby 7’s Team2007
Rugby UnionTom ConnorAustralian Rugby 7's Team, 2018 Commonwealth Games2008
Rugby UnionAlexander KanaarAustralian Wallabies1999
Rugby UnionDan PalmerAustralian Wallabies2003
SkateboardingKieran Woolley2020 Olympic Games2017-2021
SoccerLuke Wilkshire2010 World Cup and 2004 Olympic Games1996
SurfingMichael LoweWorld Surfing Championships1990
SurfingSally FitzgibbonsWorld Surfing Championships, 2020 Olympic Games2005
SurfingKim WooldridgeWorld Surfing Championships1988
SurfingChad RyanWorld Surfing Championships1990
SurfingJake SpoonerWorld Surfing Championships1988
SurfingTodd PrestageWorld Surfing Championships1988
SwimmingDavid McKeon2016 & 2012 Olympics Games and 2014 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist2012
SwimmingJarrod Poort2016 & 2012 Olympics Games2009
SwimmingJasmine Greenwood2020 Paralympic Games, 2022 Commonwealth Games Gold medalist2017
SwimmingEmma McKeon2020 & 2016 Olympic Games Gold Medalist, 2014, 2018 & 2022 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist and 2013 World Championships2008
SwimmingRobert Hurley2010 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist2003
SwimmingLori Munz1998 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist1997
SwimmingSarah Kasoulis2002 Commonwealth Games1999
SwimmingBen DennerAustralian Swimming Team2000
SwimmingKaine LoveAustralian Swimming Team2000
TennisEllen Perez2020 Olympic Games2000-2010