On April 24th, all IAS athletes has the opportunity to participate in the 2024 IAS Leadership Education Program. This year, the program is being facilitated by the amazing team at Burn Bright, who specialise in working with young people towards enhancing their leadership and teamwork capacities. Wednesday’s workshop balanced the practical and theoretical excellently to focus on several key areas, including the positive use of influence, and the importance of prioritising self care to sporting success.

The Burn Bright presenters spoke on leveraging influence responsibly, emphasising the importance of using one’s platform to inspire positive change, advocate for inclusivity, and uphold ethical standards in sportsmanship. The team also touched on the value of stepping outside of your social comfort zone to make new connections.

During the session, athletes had the privilege of hearing from professional Australian cricketer Hannah Darlington. Her insights added a valuable dimension to the workshop, offering real-world experiences and wisdom from her personal sporting journey. Darlington highlighted the significance of self-care and personal growth in elite sport and leadership; encouraging athletes to prioritize their well-being, both mentally and physically, recognizing that a balanced and resilient leader can better navigate challenges and lead by example.

Team IAS would like to thank Burn Bright and Hannah Darlington for lending us their time and expertise, and BlueScope WIN Community Partners for providing the funding to make this opportunity possible!

The 2024 IAS Leadership Program will continue in May with two advanced workshops for a selected cohort of athlete leaders.


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