Captains Annoucement

The IAS has always put the athletes’ needs first and foremost. The best way to provide the athletes with the highest standard of service, is of course, to consult the athletes themselves.

The athletes having a voice and an impact on what the IAS offers is crucial and to best enable this, the IAS decided to put together a team of Captains, assigned from each program, to represent the athlete body.

The Captains were selected by program coaches. Athlete, Coach and Program Manager Dane Robinson selected the Lonestar Captains. Those selected have displayed a positive, encouraging attitude, supported their teammates, led by example, constantly go above and beyond to get the best out of themselves and take full advantage of what the IAS offers to improve themselves as not only an athlete, but an all-round person.

Leadership development is a major component of the IAS Scholarship, as is assisting athletes to become not only better athletes but better people and future leaders of our community.

All athletes are encouraged to speak with their team Captain or Coach to ensure they all have a voice and input to their future. Particularly with the current COVID-19 restrictions, the importance of the Captains is vital to provide a voice of the Academy Athletes and the regular meetings are a great forum for input.

“During this crazy and unknown time, we are looking to provide all IAS athletes with support and as many home training choices as we can. With this, we are turning to the Captains for suggestions, advice and recommendations on how we can best assist and provide some level of stability during this period of unknown,” Dane Robinson said.

Last week we conducted the first Captains’ meeting (via zoom) where the athletes voiced how important the Academy is to them throughout this time both physically and mentally, and advocated how this is a perfect opportunity for them to give back to the sponsors and community.

One athlete summed it up perfectly, saying “People go out of their way to help us, it is our turn to give back to them.”

“A major setback won’t be the cause for us to stop but a way to motivate us more and show the community the hard work is still being done,” another athlete said.

We look forward to the Captains’ input in creating programs to assist all IAS athletes and are pleased to announce the following athletes selected for as IAS Captains for 2019-20:


  • Dakota Mason – U16s
  • Rylee Jansen – U18s


  • Jarrod Dyer


  • Jackson Paulic
  • Mason Broadhead
  • Denali Rowley


  • Ryan Britten
  • Tahlia Dole


  • Ethan Harvey – Main Squad
  • Lara Thompson – Development Squad


  • Damon Harper
  • Charli Corbin


  • Parri Barrele
  • Ben Giason
  • Chelsea Jones
  • Mia Parker


  • Taylah Flack
  • Claudia McGoldrick
  • Emilia Krstevski


  • Ainsley Sackett


  • Nathaniel Gallagher
  • Molly Mills


  • Angus Waddell
  •  Lauren Myers

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