On Tuesday, the 2024 IAS Leadership Education Program drew to a close with this year’s cohort of hand-picked leaders attending their final session with the Burn Bright team.

The first of these advanced sessions saw athletes explore how individual values impact the goals and culture of the collective, emphasising the importance of team spirit and leading by example. Participants learned how they can positively contribute to an environment where everyone feels valued, can perform well, and achieve together. By sharing their personal experiences athletes built connections with one another, reinforcing the idea that stronger relationships can lead to stronger performance.

The concluding workshop focused on vision and goal setting; a practical exploration of goal planning providing a structured approach to action for both individual and team objectives. A cornerstone of the session was discussion surrounding the mindset required for success, including an emphasis on the concepts of grit and perseverance, and the challenge of staying committed to long-term goals despite obstacles. The session concluded with a reflection on key takeaways and strategies for maintaining consistent accountability.

On the whole, the Burn Bright program was a triumphant success, providing Team IAS with the opportunity to expand and develop their confidence and capabilities. Athletes particularly enjoyed “learning about the different values of a good leader” and “getting to know everyone else and becoming more comfortable”, and predicted that they would use the leadership skills refined throughout this program “at school, training and at games”.

The workshops equipped our young leaders with the tools and insights needed to lead themselves and others effectively. By fostering a deeper understanding of personal and team values, goal setting, and resilience, the program empowered athletes to achieve their full potential both individually and as part of a team.

A final thank you is owed to Bluescope WIN Community Partners for their support of this initiative. Without the generous sponsorship of this program, providing such opportunities for our athletes would not be possible.

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