The third core camp of the NSWIS PURSU32+ RAS talent program took place in Tamworth over the weekend, marking another step towards success for regional athletes aiming for Olympic and Paralympic glory.

Over four days, from 16th to 19th May, 20 regional athletes from New South Wales, including IAS Future Star Keira Buckpitt, honed their skills across various sports, including surfing, triathlon, cycling, and more. The camp provided a unique opportunity for these athletes to access high-level coaching and performance support services.

The theme of ‘Winning Well’ underscored the camp, emphasizing the importance of wellbeing as the foundation for sustainable success. Athletes engaged in activities designed to build strong high-performance habits, act with purpose, and maintain wellbeing and motivation.

The camp featured a range of experts from NSWIS, Regional Academies of Sport, the NSW Office of Sport, and the University of Canberra. They shared valuable insights into performance psychology, coachability, and energy systems, preparing athletes to be NSWIS ‘Ready’.

Participants took part in various challenges, including raft building, obstacle courses, and bouldering, alongside educational sessions on athlete wellbeing, feedback plans, and recovery strategies.

The camp is a testament to the collaborative efforts of NSWIS and RAS in nurturing regional talent and preparing them for the rigours of elite competition. With the support of such programs, these athletes are well on their way to achieving their sporting dreams.

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