Congratulations to LEON DAVIS-COOK the 2022/23 Leadership Athlete of the Year

The IAS Leadership Athlete of the Year Award is presented to the athlete who displays an exceptional level of leadership which could include sport performance, a commendable attitude to competition, persistent dedication to learning and strong community support.

Leon has not only had exceptional results this year for Snowboarding but has shown astounding leadership qualities.

Leon is a quiet achiever but is an inspiration for many younger athletes. Whilst travelling the world for Snowboarding competitions, Leon is completing his final year of school. Leon has been able to manage balancing his sporting career and education extremely well. Leon believes that “having a healthy balance is a great indication to younger generations that you can do more than one thing at a time, and it is very important to keep all doors open, because you never know what may happen.”

As one of the Lonestar captains, Leon is constantly providing support and guidance to his fellow athletes. Leon gives his time to teaching both Parkour and Snowboard Trampolining, where a number of other IAS Snowboarding athletes attend.

Leon is a selfless individual, always leading by example and lending a helping hand to those around him.

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