Jye Edwards

Jye Edwards

It Started Here

Jye Edwards began competing in athletics at six years of age, at Albion Park Little Athletics Club.

He grew up in an athletic family, with each sibling trying their hand at several different sports.

Edwards was a keen cricketer, but by the time he was a teenager, he noticed some substantial improvements in his running, so began to focus on it full time.

Jye was part of the Illawarra Academy of Sport Individual Athlete Program (IAP), graduating in 2011.

Edwards suffered with injury in 2017 onwards, needing surgery on his Achilles in November of that year, then had a bad run of knee injuries, stress fractures, a calf strain and shin splints. During that time, he wasn’t able to compete for longer than a couple of months without injury. Then, in 2020, he had a breakthrough winning the Albie Thomas Mile in 3:57.30.

At the Box Hill Classic in 2021, he came within half a second of an Olympic qualifier in the 1500m with a winning time of 3:35.46, then at the Australian Track and Field Championships, he claimed gold again, this time in 3:33.99 earning him an Olympic qualifier.

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