Last weekend, a group of IAS Cyclists participated in an intensive and educational training camp in Bathurst alongside a number of other Regional Academies. The camp, hosted by the Western Region Academy of Sport (WRAS), sought to enhance the athletes’ knowledge and practical skills across various aspects of cycling, from time trials to breathwork.

One of the key components of the camp was time trial theory education, coupled with hands-on practice sessions; exploring time trial strategies and mastering techniques to optimise performance. In a similar vein, graded group riding honed in on team time trial skills and strategy; allowing the IAS team to practice collaboration and communication, and fine-tuning their collective efficiency.

The camp also focused heavily on athlete wellbeing, including a session centered around the theoretical and practical use of breathwork. Athletes learned techniques for recovery and regulating their nervous systems, enhancing their resilience and endurance. The importance of recovery was underscored through active recovery and stretching sessions, ensuring that cyclists were primed for optimal performance. Nutrition, a cornerstone of athletic excellence, also featured prominently in the curriculum; delivering insights into tailored nutrition strategies for training, recovery, and sustaining healthy growth and development.

Beyond the education and physical training schedule, the camp fostered camaraderie and team spirit amongst our team through group and team bonding rides to and from the weekend’s sessions.

The IAS would like to extend a massive thank you to WRAS for hosting this event, and providing our talented young cyclists with the opportunity to learn and implement new skills, and be empowered with knowledge and understanding, positioning them to improve and excel.

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