BluescopeWIN LoneStar

BluescopeWIN LoneStar

Want to take the next step in your sporting career?

The IAS BluescopeWIN LoneStar Program is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented athletes by providing industry leading high-performance sport development programs.
The BluescopeWIN LoneStar Program is for athletes who compete in the various sports, individual or team, that the IAS currently do not provide specific program for or for athlete who fall outside the sports specific eligibility. Scholarships are offered for a 12-month period commencing in October and concluding in September.

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The program will provide coaching, training and competition to improve athlete development with a view to:

  • Prepare athletes to a level where their transition to any State or National Team is ‘seamless’ in terms of programs or pathways
  • Increase the level of success of those athletes at competition and events in their chosen sport
  • Provide education around athletic development as well as personal development in topics such as Nutrition, Sport Psychology, Media Skills / Public Speaking, Youth Leadership, Drugs in Sport
  • Provide an introduction and progression into sport specific strength and conditioning
  • The program will conduct weekly strength and conditioning training to which attendance is expected.

2021-22 Squad

Ashlyn Adams – Athletics

Riley Anthes – Swimming

Jack Bailey – Judo

Aria Baker – Equestrian (Show Jumping)

Faith Banks – Equestrian (Show Jumping)

Janaya Baroudi – Football & Futsal

Emily Benefiel – Athletics

Joshua Benefiel – Cross Country & Athletics

Mackenzie Best – Football

Mischa Boniface – Surf Life Saving

Maeve Bradbury – Sports Climbing

Adax Brienen – Beach Volleyball

Tayissa Buchanan – Cross Country & Athletics

Keira Buckpitt – Surfing

Lucas Campbell – Athletics

Celeste Carolan – Athletics & Cross Country

Patrick Carolan – Cross Country & Athletics

Hannah Case – Water Polo & AFL

Reilly Caswell – Athletics

Sam Christian – Water Polo

Grace Costabile – Athletics

Grace Crittenden – Surf Life Saving & AFL

Bianca Culshaw – Tennis

Leon Davis-Cook – Snowboard

Marcelle Davis-Cook – Snowboard

Montana Doubell – AFL

Kate Drinkwalter – Football

Oliver Driscoll – AFL

Riley Dwyer – Football

Andre Dzeparoski – Football

Charles Edwards – AFL & Cricket

Lois Fleming – Equestrian (Show Jumping)

Will Fowler – Surf Life Saving & Swimming

Cate Giason – Athletics & Cross Country

Cooper Graham – Snowboard

Liam Halloran – Athletics

Isabelle Harris – Football

Maddison Harris – Football

Imogen Harrison – Athletics

Oasis Huender – AFL

Talika Irvine – Swimming

Karla Jones – Surf Life Saving

Madison Jones – Swimming & Surf Life Saving

Eryne Karipidis – Wrestling

Lara Limbrick – Beach Volleyball

Jarrah Longbottom – Football

Amelia Martin – AFL

Jordyn Martin – Athletics

Ivy Miller – Surf Life Saving & Swimming

Max Miller – Surf Life Saving

Talea Miller – Athletics

Sophie Mortlock – Figure Skating

Elias Oldfield – AFL & Athletics

Mia Parker – Water Polo

Stephen Pearson – Baseball

Grace Pomery – Athletics

Sam Rolfe – Water Polo

Jacob Roulstone – Motorcycle Racing

Holly Sheldrick – Surf Life Saving & Rugby 7s

Miller Siasat – Athletics & Surf Life Saving

Alexandria Smith – Beach Volleyball

Mireille Smith – Beach Volleyball

Milton Stepanovski – Cross Country, Athletics & Surf Life Saving

Rose Stuart – AFL

Jack Talbott – AFL

Mali Towers – Beach Volleyball

Noah Towill – Athletics

Felicity Turner – Skateboarding

Lachlan Wainman – Water Polo

Erin Willetts – AFL

Elizabeth Williamson – Cheerleading

William Willis – Athletics

Jared Wood – Water Polo

Daniel Woolley – Skateboarding

Scholarship Components

Lonestar athletes

Skill Development

S&C testing

Strength & Conditioning

Media skills education

Education Sessions


2022/23 Scholarship

Athlete Eligibility

To be eligible for an IAS Scholarship, athletes must:

  • Reside within the Illawarra Region made up of the Kiama, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven, Wingecarribee or Wollongong local government areas
  • Be a registered member of an association or club within the Illawarra region (if applicable)
  • Be affiliated with the National or State Sporting Organisation (SSO) for the nominated sport
  • Be 13 – 17 years old during the scholarship period (born in 2006-2010)
  • Special consideration may be given to athletes outside the eligible age, subject to the approval of the IAS board.

Athletes identifying as Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander are eligible to participate in the MCR Indigenous Sports Program (ISP). The ISP provides an opportunity for the IAS to provide mentorship and a dedicated level of focus upon the outcomes and support for Indigenous athletes.

Indigenous Sports Program


2022/23 Scholarship

Selection Criteria

Satisfy the eligibility criteria and demonstrate the following qualities;

  • Physical abilities and physical skills considered to be essential for eventual success in their chosen sport
  • Display an ability to apply coaching & technical instruction
  • Display attitude, commitment and dedication to improving performance
  • Demonstrate potential to be selected for NSW/National representation within 12 months
  • The ability or potential to work as part of a team to achieve excellence

NB: Subjectivity is an unavoidable element of selection to the IAS LoneStar Squad.


2022/23 Scholarship

Selection Details

Nominations close: 2 September 2022

Selection/ Interview Process: 5-17 September 2022

Those athletes who do not meet the requirements for automatic qualification MAY be offered an interview to discuss their acceptance in the program. We ask that both the athlete and a parent/guardian be present for this interview.

Automatic qualification MAY be reached by achieving one or more of the following criteria:

  • Previous selection in IAS Lonestar squad with satisfactory proof of current competition results and training commitments
  • Selection committee recommendation from application
  • Top 5 achievement in an individual event at an; NSW Country competition or its equivalent
  • Top 10 achievement at a state level individual event
  • National level participation in their chosen sport
  • Previous selection into an Illawarra Rep team or its equivalent – minimum of 2 years
  • Previous selection into a State or National team/squad

Those athletes who do not meet the requirements for automatic qualification MAY be offered an interview to discuss their acceptance in the program. We ask that both the athlete and a parent/guardian be present for this interview.


2022/23 Scholarship


The IAS is the only regional Academy to not charge an athlete levy to athletes successful in obtaining a scholarship. However, athletes may be required to contribute to some additional components of the program such as camps and tours.

Athletes will also be required to purchase the IAS squad uniform.

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