BluescopeWIN Future Stars

BluescopeWIN Future Stars

Want to take the next step in your sporting career?

The IAS BluescopeWIN Future Stars Program (formerly Lonestar) is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented athletes by providing industry leading emerging talent pathway programs.
The BluescopeWIN Future Stars Program is for athletes who compete in the various sports, individual or team, that the IAS currently do not provide specific program for or for athlete who fall outside the sports specific eligibility. Scholarships are offered for a 12-month period commencing in October and concluding in September.

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The program will provide coaching, training and competition to improve athlete development with a view to:

  • Prepare athletes to a level where their transition to any State or National Team is ‘seamless’ in terms of programs or pathways
  • Increase the level of success of those athletes at competition and events in their chosen sport
  • Provide education around athletic development as well as personal development in topics such as Nutrition, Sport Psychology, Media Skills / Public Speaking, Youth Leadership, Drugs in Sport
  • Provide an introduction and progression into sport specific strength and conditioning
  • The program will conduct weekly strength and conditioning training to which attendance is expected.

2022/23 Squad

Adam Otis – Tennis
Adax Brienen – Beach Volleyball
Aimee Turner – Snowboarding
Alex Down – AFL
Amelia Martin – AFL
Andre Dzeparoski – Football
Bethany Whitnall – Rugby Union
Cate Giason – Athletics & Soccer
Celeste Carolan – Athletics & Cross Country
Charles Edwards – AFL & Cricket
Charlie Crittenden – Sports Climbing
Charlie Fannin – Water Polo
Charlotte Neville – Athletics & Surf Lifesaving
Cody Sullivan – Athletics & Cross Country
Cooper Graham – Snowboarding
Daniel Duggan – Rugby Union & Rugby League
Daniel Woolley – Skateboarding
Denbigh Lewis – Athletics
Ella Fennell – Cross Country & Athletics
Emily Benefiel – Athletics
Ethan Dzeparoski – Football
Finn Ardita – AFL
Gemma Humphery – Swimming & Surf Lifesaving
Ginger Siasat – Surf Lifesaving
Grace Crittenden – AFL
Grace Moylan – Rugby Union
Grace Pomery – Athletics & Cross country
Hamish Dorney – Cross Country & Surf Lifesaving
Harry Sargent-Wilson – Water Polo
Hartley Zietsch – Snowboarding & Skateboarding
Henry Burton – AFL
Henry Mackay – Cricket
Imogen Moore – Athletics & Surf Life Saving
Imogene Anderson – Athletics
Isabella Elsner – Football
Isabella Mcconville – Football & Futsal
Ivy Miller – Surf Lifesaving & Swimming
Jack Johanson – Athletics
James Down – Surf Lifesaving
James Murray – Snowboarding
Jared Wood – Water Polo & Swimming
Keegan Whitten – Athletics
Leon Davis-Cook – Snowboard Cross
Liam Halloran – Athletics
Lilah Norden – Athletics
Lucy Darragh – Surfing
Macey Guy – Water Polo
Mackay Jones – Athletics
Mackenzie Best – Football & Athletics
Macleay Kesby – Athletics
Maeve Bradbury – Sports Climbing
Mali Towers – Volleyball
Marcelle Davis-Cook – Snowboard Cross
Matthew Murray – Snowboarding
Max Miller – Surf Lifesaving
Mia Parker – Water Polo
Michael Murray – Snowboarding
Mikayla Mclean – Athletics & Cross Country
Mikayla Whant – Swimming
Miller Siasat – Surf Life Saving & Athletics
Milton Stepanovski – Cross Country, Athletics & Surf Lifesaving
Mischa Boniface – Surf Lifesaving
Montana Doubell – AFL
Nicholas McGill – Athletics
Noah Towill – Athletics
Oasis Huender – AFL & Surf Lifesaving
Oceanna Rogers – Surfing
Oliver Driscoll – AFL
Patrick Carolan – Athletics & Cross Country
Riley Anthes – Swimming
Romany Janssens – Football
Rose Stuart – AFL
Sam Rolfe – Water Polo
Sarah Heaton – Snowboarding & Judo
Sophie Mortlock – Figure Skating
Talika Irvine – Swimming
Tayissa Buchanan – Athletics
Tyler Byrne – Wakeboarding
Zac McEvoy – Tennis & Athletics
Zachary Hilton – Snooker/Billiards
Zane Ward – AFL, Swimming & Cricket
Zoe Carson – Gymnastics

*Squad is subject to approval from IAS board

Scholarship Components

Lonestar athletes

Skill Development

S&C testing

Strength & Conditioning

Media skills education

Education Sessions


2023/24 Scholarship

Athlete Eligibility

To be eligible for an IAS Scholarship, athletes must:

  • Reside within the Illawarra Region made up of the Kiama, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven, Wingecarribee or Wollongong local government areas
  • Be a registered member of an association or club within the Illawarra region (if applicable)
  • Be affiliated with the National or State Sporting Organisation (SSO) for the nominated sport
  • Be 13 – 18 years old during the scholarship period (born in 2006-2011)
  • Special consideration may be given to athletes outside the eligible age, subject to the approval of the IAS board.

Athletes identifying as Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander may be eligible to participate in the Indigenous Talent Program (ITP). The ITP provides an opportunity for the IAS to provide mentorship and a dedicated level of focus upon the outcomes and support for Indigenous athletes.

Indigenous Sports Program


2023/24 Scholarship

Selection Criteria

Satisfy the eligibility criteria and demonstrate the following qualities;

  • Physical abilities and physical skills considered to be essential for eventual success in their chosen sport
  • Display an ability to apply coaching & technical instruction
  • Display attitude, commitment and dedication to improving performance
  • Demonstrate potential to be selected for NSW/National representation within 12 months
  • The ability or potential to work as part of a team to achieve excellence

NB: Subjectivity is an unavoidable element of selection to the IAS Future Stars Squad.


2023/24 Scholarship

Selection Details

Automatic qualification MAY be reached by achieving one or more of the following criteria:

  • Previous selection in IAS Lonestar squad with satisfactory proof of current competition results and training commitments
  • Selection committee recommendation from application
  • Top 5 achievement at a state level individual event
  • National level participation in their chosen sport
  • Previous selection into a State or National team/squad

Those athletes who do not meet the requirements for automatic qualification MAY be offered an interview to discuss their acceptance in the program. We ask that both the athlete and a parent/guardian be present for this interview.


2023/24 Scholarship


IAS athletes are required to purchase the IAS squad uniform, they also are required to contribute to additional components of the programs such as camps.

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