The Illawarra Academy of Sport is delighted to announce the squad captains selected for the 2021-22 scholarship.

Captains were selected by their squads and coaches as athletes that would be able to lead and inspire their squads, and represent the athlete body.

The athletes having a voice and impact on what the IAS offers is crucial, as is developing leadership skills to assist in becoming not only better athletes but better people and future leaders of our community.

“It is a great initiative to have the captains involved to add buy in to what we are doing,” IAS Athlete, Coach and Program Manager, Scott Hatch said.

“It really helps us connect better with the athletes and engage with what they specifically need and ultimately how we can prepare for that.”

In addition to having opportunity for input to the IAS through regular meetings and communication, the captains also have development opportunities. In the first face-to-face workshop, the athletes participated in a workshop with Craig Morris from Leadership Creativity, delving into leadership skills and qualities.


Congratulations to the IAS 2021-22 Captains:

AWD – Jared Dyer, Tarren Dyer and Chloe Williamson

Basketball – Catalina Perez, Lillian Ragan, Josh Spark and Riley Broadhead

Cycling – Charlotte Ions, Hugh Vaughan and Blake Mete

Golf – Andrew Brown and Sienna Clarke

Hockey – Zara Wright, Lexie Jones, Ben Morrison and Lyndon Coward

Lonestar – Tayissa Buchanan, Mia Parker, Stephen Pearson and Talika Irvine

Netball – Chelsea Blanch, Lauren Bancroft and Alexa Gammone

Umpires – Poppy Calder and Alex Whitnall

Rugby – Maria Paseka. Cruz McGuiness, Kianu Rawiri and Jayda Patrick

Triathlon – Matt Smith and Montana Doubell

Volleyball – Mali Towers and Alexandria Smith

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