The Illawarra Academy of Sport is excited to announce a new partnership with the University of Wollongong to manage the Strength and Conditioning component of the UOW Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program.


The IAS has been selected as exclusive Strength and Conditioning provider for the UOW Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program (GFP). The GFP is an opportunity for UOW and UOW College students to receive training from FA and UEFA-qualified coaches from EPL club Tottenham Hotspur for 16-20 hours per week, which includes access to the UniActive Gym and individualised strength and conditioning programs.


“It just made sense that the expertise and experience of the Illawarra Academy of Sport Physical Performance Coach, Mitch Nielsen could provide an exciting additional layer of support to the UOW Global Football Program,” said John Armstrong, CEO of the Illawarra Academy of Sport. “The IAS is continuing to forge strong relationships with the UOW network and linking high quality strength and conditioning programs with the high quality football coaching delivery by Tottenham Hotspur builds expertise and integrity to both programs”.


The partnership has come in conjunction with extending the role of IAS Physical Performance Coach, Mitch Nielsen to a full-time position. “This allows an extension of the strength and conditioning service to the IAS athletes as well as catering for the GFP athletes” said Armstrong.


All athletes (IAS and GFP) currently have home based programs which are updated regularly, and the service will continue to grow as we begin offering live streamed sessions. The Illawarra Academy of Sport prides itself on being an industry leader in all areas of operations, including strength and conditioning, education, coach development, and online operations.


Prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns the UOW Tottenham Hotspur GFP athletes completed physical testing and gym inductions in conjunction with their specialised football sessions.


Innovation is key in these testing times, highlighted by the successful shift in delivery from face-to-face to a remote home-based program. Strength and conditioning has become one of the central functions for the GFP, and will continue to be so during isolation.

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